Climate Ride Success!


Anni and David completed the Inaugural Climate Ride Northwest, bicycling over 360 miles with 24,733 feet of climbing.  The ride began and ended in Seattle, and included Whidbey and San Juan Islands, Victoria B.C., Olympic National Park and Port Townsend, WA.  Anni achieved two personal longest rides ever during the event, cycling 68 miles on the first day and over 80 on her fifth day of riding.  David's ride included the challenging 'Ride the Hurricane', a 17 mile, 5200' climb from Port Angeles, WA to the Hurricane Ridge Visitor Center in Olympic National Park, considered one of the top 100 climbs in the U.S.A.:

More importantly (with thanks again to our supporters), Team CASBA won the fundraising challenge for the most raised per capita, and we reached our goal of $9,000 toward straw bale and other ultra low carbon building systems outreach, splitting the proceeds between CASBA and Architecture 2030.  At the end of the ride we met with Vince Martinez and Lindsay Rasmussen of Architecture 2030 at their Seattle office.  

Pictured above are the 48 riders and Climate Ride staff at the completion of this exciting adventure.  Friendships were forged with some amazing people, many of whom are doing ground-breaking work toward climate solutions and other initiatives to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.  And, as you can likely tell, we had a great time!  More photos from each day of the ride can be viewed on David's Facebook page: